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The Bemm River Experience

Bemm River, a hole or a whole lot of heart?

Let’s get to the guts of the topic, it’s awesome. To continue we need to point out its iconic pub, decent parmas and vista. We also need to touch on the howling Bass Strait winds, the need for additional storm shelters and the lack of facilities. But don’t let that stop you visiting, if anything let’s recap on past experiences and share them to help you understand on any given day it holds its own, wearing its heart on its sleeve and spitting its weather from its throat.

You see, Bemm River isn’t that popular a destination. Just the way the locals like it no doubt. With the turnoff located on the Princess Highway there is no coastal muse, just a meandering road into nothing. Not nothing as in a hole, nothing as in something representing simplicity. A couple of houses, a small caravan park, a bait and tackle corner store, a pub and some holiday houses and that’s Bemm. There is of course a lot more to this place than just simple descriptions, it holds some real gems and your adventurous spirit is key here.

I once explored so deep up the river I saw an Estuary Perch I reckoned was as big as a tree stump, no wait… was that with eyes darker than the black stump? I once fought a shark on the edge of Luderick Point with nothing more than a severed Pelicans foot swung around on 200lb mono. You see, it’s what you make of it right?

Here be demons, here lay diamonds…

In all honesty though it houses some of the Gippsland regions best fishing, especially when the prawns a running and the inlet is open. It can suffer from fluctuating depth, meaning it’s abundantly shallow or its full to the brim. We’ve been going to Bemm on and off for about 10 years and I think it’s been opened once when we were there, and was featuring a beached Whale in the inlet to boot. Nothing like throwing lures around some stinky whale blubber to secure a bag in between incessant wafts of emancipating bloat!

In order to survive these wild nether regions one must sample the best table fair and liquor in order for a sense to truly be dialled into an experience. I recommend eating a Parma from Mallacoota, Bemm River and Marlo to establish whether my recommendations should count, a couple of pints of beer will help wash it all down (obviously). A true pub will show its worth not only in the current establishment but its history in spades, compare the mounted Estuary perch of years gone by in order to help truly assess the Parma.

I hear there is improved boat ramp there now? I hear the Prawns are running again?

Nah, just drive on by… Ill wave as you do.



Seek & Enjoy

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